Vision & Purpose

We LOVE to talk strategy and mission… but we didn’t work super hard at defining that for ourselves.  Instead we turned to the Word to see what God had in mind for us.  Here’s what we found!

Our Vision – Where are we going?


We believe that you will discover a family of believers at Hope that is rich in the relationships that matter most. Our desire is to impact today’s world with the love of Jesus Christ, and so we reach out to you as well. Our doors are open, our hearts are open too.

Our Purpose – Why do we exist?

Hope Missionary Church exists to encourage each person to draw closer to God through:

  • Vibrant Worship, (EXALT)
  • Intentional Outreach, (EVANGELIZE)
  • Meaningful Relationships, (ENCOURAGE)
  • Biblically-Based Discipleship, (EDUCATE)
  • Hands-On-Ministry, (EQUIP)