The very best care for our youngest attenders.
Welcome to HopeBabies!

Here at Hope, we believe that even our youngest guests need a safe, secure, and fun environment where they can begin to learn about the love of Jesus. We also want parents to feel confident leaving their little ones in our care so they’re able to take full advantage of services, classes, and serving opportunities on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.


In our nurseries, you’ll find a clean, safe environment that is well-staffed with individuals who love serving the babies and toddlers of Hope Church. Below are just a few of the measures we take each week to ensure that your little ones receive the best care possible.

All of our nursery volunteers undergo a screening and application process that includes a criminal history background check and a safety training seminar. This process must be completed before serving with children at Hope Church.

All nursery doors are closed and locked for the duration of your child’s stay.

When you drop off your children at our nurseries, we’ll take a few moments to get them checked in. As a part of that process, we’ll make sure both kids and parents receive a tag that will allow us to reunite the right kid with the right parents at the conclusion of the service. With the help of our volunteers, the process will only take a few minutes, and it will help ensure that your kids are safe and secure throughout their stay with us.

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Each week, the toys and surfaces in our nurseries are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
If an issue arises and we need to contact you regarding your child, we will text you to let you know if your child needs you during the service.
When & Where
9:30AM & 11AM

Our nurseries are active and ready to serve on Sunday mornings at Main and North Campus during the 9:30AM and 11:00AM service hours. At Main Campus our nursery is located on the south end of the building. At North Campus, you’ll find the Nursery on the north end of the building in the Children’s Ministry area.

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On Wednesday nights, our Main Campus nursery is open and available for those serving in or attending Wednesday night programming. For added convenience, our Nursery operates in the Main Campus Children’s Ministry area on Wednesday nights.

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Trent Miller
Nursery Director
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Bluffton, IN 46714
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