LifeBuilders Classes

Build Relationships, Grow Your Faith.
Join us for LifeBuilders classes on Sunday mornings!

LifeBuilders classes provide opportunities to build relationships with others while learning more about the Bible. These classes are roughly age-based and meet throughout our Main and North Campus buildings on Sunday mornings.

A variety of classes are available at both locations, and we would love to help you find a great class to get plugged into! Browse through the class list below to see which classes we’re currently offering. Want more information about Life Builders Classes? Contact Pastor Josh.

Main Campus LifeBuilders:
Led by Andy Davis

Who: Typical Ages late 50’s-60+

When & Where: 8:30am – Room #220

This group strives to identify and develop gifts and talents and how they can best be used to serve the Lord and others. This is accomplished through studying and understanding Godʼs word with a strong focus on prayer.


Who: Typical Age 70+

When & Where: 8:30am – Room #233 (Chapel)

Most in this class have adult children and grandchildren. A variety of Biblical insights are explored and discussed.

Led by Matt Hartsell

Who: Typical Age 20s-40s

When & Where: 9:30am – Room #220

Young Married couples and single adults desiring to learn more about God’s word and practical life application. Several in this class are parents of newborns through early elementary aged children.

Broken Vessels
Led by Josh Dunsmore

Who: Typical Ages 40+

When & Where: 9:30am – Room #232

Many in this group are raising children and diving deeper into God’s word learning how to apply it in everyday life circumstances to ultimately glorify God in everything they do. (All ages welcome!)

Nuggets of Truth
Led by Ron Koppelman & Myron Schwartz

Who: Multi-Generational

When & Where: 9:30am – Room #230

A new type of Sunday Class. Meets weekly and is for anyone who desires to connect with others at a friendship level and grown in their walk with Christ too!

Led by Kerry Schamerloh

Who: Typical ages 60+

When & Where: 9:30am – Room #233 (Chapel)

This class is made up of adults who are “proud grandparents”. The group is known for their close interpersonal caring and lively discussions. They focus on the Bible, but work hard to use it to help them relate to the world.

Led by Steve Baker and Friends

Who: Typical ages 50+

When & Where: 9:30am – Room: The Underground

Many in this group are raising children of middle school and high school age. They search the Bible for scripture insights regarding parental responsibilities & much more.

Works in Progress
Led by Kathy Steffen and Kent Arnold

Who: Mid-20s to 99 years old

When & Where: 9:30am – Room #237 (upstairs in the Student Center)

This is a place to learn and grow together in God’s Word.

Led by Brent & Daniel Kunkel; Ked and Adrianne Moser

Who: Young Adults/Newlyweds

When & Where: 9:30am – Room #423 (upstairs in the Student Center)

If you are out of high school, have moved on from college, are single, dating, engaged, or newly married, this is the class for you!

North Campus LifeBuilders:
North Campus Adult Class
Led by a rotating team of teachers

Who: Young Adults/Newlyweds

When & Where: 8:15am – Powerhouse Room (located in the children’s area)

If you’re a part of North Campus and looking for a place to study God’s Word and connect with others, this is the class for you!

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