5th Grade

Our ministry just for 5th graders!
Welcome to Interstate 5!

Here at Hope, we believe that the 5th grade year is a pretty big deal! So, we’ve set apart that particular grade in its own grouping so we can meet these students right where they’re at: the phase between childhood and adolescence. We call our ministry to this grade “Interstate 5” (or just “I5”).

Is your student moving into 5th grade?  Download this helpful brochure!

The End of the Year Bash is coming on May 17 - and you'll need THIS SIGNED FORM to get on the bus!

When & Where

On Sundays during the 9:30am hour, our 5th graders meet with an amazing group of leaders and teachers to dive into the Bible in creative ways together. At our Main Campus, 5th grade meets in their very own classroom in our Student Ministry area.

On Sundays during the 9:30am and 11:00am hour, our 5th graders meet in a classroom in the North Campus Children’s Ministry area.


On Wednesday nights at 7:00pm, Students from both campuses team up together in the Underground at Main Campus for an active and engaging time of fun, fellowship and teaching!  To find us on Wednesday nights, enter at door G (office entrance) on the east side of the building and continue straight until you reach the door to the Underground.

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