Bible Quizzing

Here at Hope, we LOVE it when people press the Word into their daily lives… and what better way to press the Word into one’s life than by memorizing it?!?  Bible quizzing provides an avenue through which young people can participate in an in-depth discipleship process AND enjoy some good-natured competition all at once.

Two different quizzing groups meet and compete during the school year:

  • Junior Quizzing – This group encompasses young people grades 3-6 and meets on Sunday evenings at 6:00 and Wednesday evenings at 5:30.
  • Youth Quizzing – This group includes young people ages 12-21 and meets Sundays afternoons at 12:30 for their weekly practice sessions.

Both groups compete actively—and admirably—at numerous quiz meets during the school year.

Want more information about Bible quizzing?  Contact Pastor Kent