Ministries – Nursery

We know that parents love their kids… and we love them too!  That’s why we take great care to make sure our nurseries are staffed with top-notch folks who will take the VERY best care of our youngest attenders!  By providing a safe and encouraging environment for infants and toddlers, we know that moms and dads will be best able to enjoy services, programs and meetings that take place here at Hope Church.  You’ll find our nurseries in action every Sunday morning (9:30 & 11:00 am) and Wednesday evenings (7:00 pm) while all-church programming is being offered.

When parents bring their kids to the nurseries, we’ll take a few moments to get the kids checked in.  As a part of that process, we’ll make sure both kids and parents receive an adhesive tag that will allow us to reunite the right kid with the right parents at the conclusion of the service.  It may take a couple of extra minutes at the top of the morning, but it’s super important to us to make sure the kids are secure throughout their stay with us!

For more information, contact our nursery director.