Ministries – Elementary

As our kids continue to mature, they’ll find themselves able to jump right into our powerful ministry to elementary students.  Elementary-aged kids participate in grade-based activities according to this weekly schedule:

  • Sunday 9:30 & 11:00 am- Kindergarten through 4th Grade kids experience awesome worship and creative Bible teaching, then divide out into groups for small group activities. (If your family attends both service hours, your child will experience the lesson and activities in two different ways.)
  • Wednesday 7:00 pm – LiveWires – Kids jump into grade-based groups that rotate through a number of stations where they continue to deepen their understanding of Jesus through creative applications of biblical truth.

Throughout the school year, occasional special events and meetings provide our elementary kids with awesome opportunities to broaden their depth of understanding… and just have a BLAST!

Perhaps the BIGGEST opportunity that comes their way is CAMP BLAST that happens every summer.  This one’s pretty much a DON’T MISS IT kind of thing where we see all sorts of important life decisions made every summer!

For more information, contact Janice Hunter

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